Signed Sealed Delivered . . . it’s yours

We’ve all got a song that takes us back to a time, a person or a special moment in seconds . . .whether it’s a love song, a dance floor classic, a heavy rock anthem or a guilty pleasure . . . in just a few notes we are literally right back there.
Then there’s the song with the lyrics that mean so much . . . the lines that resonate, that help us through, to give us strength or make us smile.This is why Say it with Songs was created.

A range that celebrates the brilliant songwriters and their magical words to connect and reconnect us with the people in our lives. So have a seat, make a cuppa and enjoywriting the message that will mean the world to that special someone.

Ellie x


Song: Go Your Own Way
Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Song: Journey
Artist: Don't stop believin'
Song: Run The world (Girls)
Artist: Beyonce
Song: Born this way
Artist: Lady Gaga