Combine the sentiment of a greeting card with the power of a song.

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Think of the people in your life..Your Husband, Best friend, Family member or next door neighbour.

it’s their Birthday, Anniversary, or maybe you just want to make them feel special.

Now think of the song that reminds you of that person or the song that you would play to let them know exactly how you feel.

Maybe it’s your wedding song? the song that reminds you of your holidays together or the song that tells them everything is going to be OK. Sung by their favourite artist .That’s what we do, in a card 


Say it with songs combines the sentiment of a greeting card with the power of a song.

A simple idea that we’ve created into a beautiful range of greeting cards like no other.

A card range that lets the lyrics do the talking for all occasions connecting you with all the special people in your life.

We’ve chosen the most fantastic songs ever written & are so delighted to share our range with you.

Signed, sealed, delivered – we’re yours

Say it with Songs

A message to you (Rudy)

“Say it with Songs is a conscious business created from the desire to make people feel special and connected through music.”


We care about the planet and the impact that our company may have. For that
reason we have made the decision to be as sustainable as possible.

So, you won’t want to throw it away! But please do your bit by popping the envelope in the recycling bin.

Featured Products

Song: 2 Become 1
Artist: Spice Girls
Song: A thousand years
Artist: Christina Perri
Song: Ain't nobody
Artist: Chaka Khan
Song: Ain't Nobody
Artist: Chaka Khan

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